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Juan Pablo



Embarking on his drumming voyage at the age of 14 in Chile, JP -short for Juan Pablo- comes from a music theory foundation on wind instruments. After 4 years of studying and playing the flute, JP's music teacher quickly recognized his innate skill in maintaining rhythm and suggested he try the drums. This change resonated deeply with JP, who found an immediate and natural affinity with the instrument. Uniquely, JP developed a fondness for playing both hand drums and traditional drums with drumsticks. JP's musical inspiration is drawn from a spectrum of influential drummers, embracing genres from Samba, Bossa Nova, to more mainstream rock and pop rhythms. Presently, JP is focused on an intriguing fusion of Latin beats with contemporary styles like house and tech music. This blend represents his current artistic direction and adds a unique flavor to his performances. Pride in his work is evident, as JP boasts a diverse portfolio. He actively participates in a wide range of events, showcasing his versatility and adaptability as a musician. Whether it's a small gathering or a large-scale event, JP's drumming brings a distinctive and dynamic energy to every performance he is in.

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