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Marco Schirru



Marco is a Melbourne based DJ with over 15 years experience across public and private events. 

Marco's experience and versatility is the reason has featured at some of Australia's biggest festivals, clubs and events including Future Music Festival, Summadayze, Parklife + as well as many premier Melbourne nightclubs.


He has a cross- genre musical style ranging from classic and modern house, disco, funk and all of the 70s, 80s and 90s dancefloor classics.


Marco routinely spins at some of the biggest parties in town including Hotel Sorrento, The Continental Hotel, Garden State Hotel as well as down-tempo dinner sets at Pincho Disco, Tippy Tay and more. 

He regularly performs at many corporate events. This year clients have included Mercedes Benz, Ralph Lauren and Smeg.


He has an incredible ability to program music and read the room which is why he's one of Melbourne's most sought after DJs. 

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