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DJ Tim Mac


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Working in the industry for over 15 years, Tim Mac has built a skill set and reputation in DJing which has led to some of his current residencies at The Garden State Hotel, The Continental Hotel Sorrento, Soho on Southbank and Hotel Sorrento. Tim also regularly performs at a wide array of luxurious function spaces across Melbourne's CBD.


Tim Mac’s open format to DJing highlights his skill level as one of Australia’s best Private and Public DJ’s. He particularly enjoys bringing old and new music together in an eclectic performance that keeps his dance floors engaged. His flexibility and professionalism as a DJ has solidified his role as a key figure in Melbourne’s entertainment scene leading him to perform alongside some of Australia’s most in-demand live artists, including sax players, vocalists, percussionists, and violinists.


Corporate clients of his include Channel 10, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Milwaukee Tools, Bicycle Network Australia, Mercedes Benz, and Shine Lawyers.

Timmy MacSummer Sessions Live @ Hotel Sorrento
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